Month: July 2017

HIGHLIGHT CLIPS: Frank Mir on UFC 214 Main Event – Daniel was Playing Checkers, Jon was Playing Chess

Frank Mir and Richard Hunter recap the UFC 214 Main Event: Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones. Frank believes Jon Jones is unbeatable, in part to his patience and because his mindset equals his athletic prowess. They also discuss the future of DC and the possibility he is the 2nd best LHW ever.

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Phone Booth Fighting Episode #138:…

HIGHLIGHT CLIPS: Frank Mir on DC Crying in the Octagon After Loss to Jon Jones: “It’s Unacceptable”

Frank Mir and Richard Hunter discuss Daniel Cormier crying in the octagon after his loss at UFC 214 to Jon Jones. Frank talks about how it is okay to show emotion and cry, but it is unacceptable to cry in the octagon after getting beat.

Phone Booth Fighting Episode #138:…

VIDEO EPISODE 138: UFC 214 Recap

Frank and Richard recap the UFC 214 card that took place in Anaheim, CA. They dissect the Main Event, talk about the rivalry between Jones and Cormier, personalities, the rest of the card, and much more!

14:49 – Credit to Cormier For Not Wrestling Jones
53:06 – Cyborg’s Technical Prowess
1:03:43 – Oezdemir KOs Manuwa

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